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This is where the best Finance teams work. These are the complex planning applications. This is where the teams at KeenVision thrive.


Client Specific Advanced Planning Needs

KeenVision’s solution delivery experts have distinctive expertise in the design and deployment of Advanced Planning solutions. Our teams combine planning practitioner experience with expertise in the use of business modeling technology.

Have a challenging or complex planning area and want to use the power of Advanced Planning in your business? Let’s put our teams together and change how you iterate and model your business.

At KeenVision, we understand that every company operates and plans differently and there is not one simple model for every company. Our teams work with your team to effectively leverage planning technology,  adopt best practices, and design the right advanced planning solution.

With Advanced Planning, strong Finance teams can equip their leadership teams with meaningful insights that support clearer decision making. You might say it enables Keen Vision in your firm.

Technology Business Direct Cash Flow

An industry leading SaaS firm was looking for a CPM application that would allow for full financial planning inclusive of a Direct Cash Flow forecasting model.


KeenVision’s experts worked with the client to design a solution for their multi-national organization including:

  • CRM Order interface (pipeline and backlog) for software activity
  • ERP interface (backlog) for ongoing services activities
  • ASC606 recognition engine by revenue stream based on projected activities in Sales Planning
  • Forecasted cash receipts by Order type
  • Expense planning by organization for compensation and operating expenses
  • Specialty balance sheet forecasting including PrePaid management, Capital Expenditures and Debt
  • Activity based Direct Cash forecasting

Working with the client, KeenVision also designed an ‘Initiative Planning’ capability to allow the business to assess the impact of various strategic actions.

REIT Firm needs to Assess Acquisitions, Divestitures and Financing

In the Real Estate Management industry, KeenVision has designed and developed applications that support the Finance and Treasury teams in the evaluation of strategic activities:

  • Asset Acquisitions
  • Asset Divestitures
  • Debt & Equity Financing
  • Debt Retirements

The assessment includes P&L impacts as well as net Balance Sheet and Cash Flow changes.


KeenVision has deployed this Advanced Planning capabilities with market-leading REIT firms. Is your REIT ready to move from the pain of individual Excel files to an integrated Advanced Planning platform?

Product R&D Organization requires Project Planning Intelligence

A leading consumer products development team connected with KeenVision to design and develop an Advanced Planning solution to oversee their R&D Project Planning process. The designed solution captures labor, direct expense and vended tooling for each R&D project.


To assist with business assessments in rapid order, a Capitalized R&D planning intelligence was integrated giving business leadership a dynamic ability to assess the P&L impacts of projects as they progressed through the development cycle. Now the organization can refresh and assess development changes related to schedule, committed cost and project status.

 Advanced Planning allows the development of processes that utilize both in-form calculation logic as well as database level calculation routines - providing the design of dynamic planning processes with real intelligence.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your Advanced Planning needs. At KeenVision, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

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