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Success Story: TreviPay & KV Assessment Services

Kelly Lowrance, Vice President of Finance at TreviPay, a payment processing and solutions company, recently joined KeenVision’s Gary Tammaro during the Q4 inFocus webinar to discuss her experience using our Assessment Services for their Planful application.

After purchasing and implementing Planful with another vendor, Kelly noticed that TreviPay wasn’t utilizing all of the capabilities that the application had to offer. “I would say we were probably good enough to be dangerous, but we didn’t really know how to get a lot out of the tool.” With about 600 employees worldwide, processing transactions in 41 different countries, and with 45 legal entities, TreviPay is not an uncomplicated business and Kelly knew there was much more that could be done to enhance their processes.

Kelly Lowrance, Vice President of Finance at TreviPay

“We had contacted Planful looking for some help and they referred us to KeenVision, and specifically we wanted to implement Workforce Planning… but it became pretty obvious through conversations with Gary (Tammaro) and team that we needed help leveraging Planful on a better scale.

So we engaged them to do an Assessment Service for us to just dive into a lot of the areas that we were using and understand deeply how we use them, who uses them, what the process is, etc. It was a very deep conversation to get their arms around it, and we were able to get a list of things or recommendations that KeenVision provided to us in order for us to take the next step on the roadmap and really leverage the tool the way it needs to be used.”

As part of our Assessment Services, KeenVision provides a Roadmap to show how to best use Planful and any other connected technologies and the path to get there. With over 200 Planful implementations under our belt, we have the best understanding of how Planful works and integrates to your systems and data.

“The report we got back from KeenVision was very detailed and did a very good job of telling us what the effect would be: low, medium, high – and the level of effort. And so we took that data and tried to do the low hanging fruit – the low effort, high value projects. The struggle we have is everybody on my team and in the Finance world has a day job as well, so being able to free up resources to manage the project and keep the project moving has been a little bit of a challenge.

But I think the team really recognized the wins that we can get from that, so they were pretty eager to take that extra work and get moving on the projects. I believe our roadmap had six items on it, three of which we’ve either completed or are in the process of completing now. We have developed that process internally to help leverage the tool, we also got buy-in from the CEO, the CFO, as well as our PE owners… and being able to invest in that time and that money to really get to where we need to be from a scalability perspective.”

The benefits of assessing and planning out a roadmap for success cannot be understated. As Kelly shared, “…it’s so flexible that you don’t even actually understand what all it can do until you really get deep into it. And somebody from KeenVision would tell us and show us, ‘Here’s how we have seen it used’, ‘here’s how we would recommend it being used’, etc. And there were a lot of ah-ha moments across the team in terms of, ‘we can do it one step versus 5!’, or ‘we don’t need to download it and do anything in Excel!'”

We love those ah-ha moments.

“…I think we’ve also through this process probably figured out four or five more things we want to add to the list that we hadn’t thought of. But as we leverage the tool and as we’ve had discussions with your team, it’s kind of created some thoughts and some ideas on some things we can do… But I do think that the benefits that we’re seeing, we can see it very quickly. We’ve seen it month to month as we close and we do reporting; it really is pretty fast just to get that return on investment and then just keep building on what you’ve learned.”

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