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Are you getting the most out of Planful? We know you can do more.                                With our Assessment Services, our Senior Leaders will conduct an independent review of your application and systems to show you what's possible for your specific business.


Benefits of Assessment Services

  • Independent review of your application
  • Identify new features that can be used
  • Roadmap to improved efficiency and functionality
  • Insights on ways to use complimentary technologies
  • Ideas on how to incorporate industry best practices

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Our Assessment Services team is comprised of our Senior Leaders, who have knowledge and best practice experience both as users of Planful, and from over 200+ Planful project implementations under their belt. They will review your application setup, workflow process, constraints and knowledge, and provide a detailed analysis and recommendation report to help you determine how you can get the most out of your Planful application.

We can advise on system configuration, workflow process, automation, simplification and learning path to help you gain further efficiencies, optimization and adoption with your financial performance management technology.

Assessment Services Process Diagram

Client Testimonial:

"The Keen Vision team has been diligent at building a deep understanding of our processes and requirements in order to develop the best possible solution. They are thorough, very responsive to questions, and provide feedback and suggestions that have really helped us leverage the Planful platform more and increase our efficiency in the Finance team."

- Kelly Lowrance, TreviPay

KeenVision Team opens new office in Peoria, AZ

About Our Team

"Couldn't be more positive about them.. the team was very personable and we loved working with a cohesive intra-organizational team as opposed to just outside consultants."

- Jonathan Gee, Clearlink

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Get in touch with us to see how you can benefit from our Assessment Services.               At KeenVision, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

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