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Business Planning connects diverse planning workflows across various operating teams with a common goal of providing informed decision-making and optimizing organizational efficiency. The strategic planning use case is a great fit for modern Financial Performance Management (FPM) technology.


Business Planning

A multi-faceted, often siloed planning process that occurs in every business – the connection of sales to demand, supply chain, operations, people and finance, often called business operations planning.​​

There is a two-way dependency between Business Planning and the Financial Planning process.  Sometimes one feeds the other; other times they are fully integrated. ​​KeenVision works with market-leading planning platforms like Pigment and Planful to meet client needs in Business Planning.  

The implementation leaders at KeenVision combine corporate planning expertise, along with experience designing and deploying planning solutions.  We have designed applications using several of the leading FPM platforms including Planful, Pigment, Anaplan, Adaptive, Mosaic and OneStream.

The needs and workflows of our clients for Business Planning solutions are as diverse as the industries we serve.  KeenVision’s team has been designing and deploying advanced business planning applications for a wide array of clients.


KeenVision has extensive experience across a variety of industries such as technology, manufacturing, and consumer products (CPG). Each industry requires unique planning workflows to ensure operational efficiency. To address these needs, KeenVision offers specialized services tailored to managing complex planning workflows beyond traditional FP&A planning.

​Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

The S&OP process is vital in multiple industries - inherent in the process is the integration of diverse data sets of demand, supply and operations data. The S&OP process requires an effective process for review, comparison and decision support across all organizational elements.  This is where new planning technology can enhance the process.

When designing the S&OP process, consideration should be given to connect with the Financial Planning process.  If done, S&OP impacts can be reviewed with the added context of the impact on prior Financial Plans of record.

Business Planning - S&OP
Sales to Revenue Planning

The process of going from customer acquisition or sale to recognized revenue.  There are several different approaches used to forecast when Sales activity will shift between Backlog, Deferred Revenue and finally Recognized Revenue.  KeenVision has also designed and deployed ‘cohort’ based models with clients in this functional area.

In many cases, the path from Order to Revenue is different from the path to Cash Collection.

Sales to Revenue Planning
Project Planning

Project planning can take a wide variety of forms depending on the industry. Use cases can be as diverse as (a) professional services client delivery planning, (b) strategic initiative projects across corporate organizations, or (c) R&D project planning for Consumer Products teams.

Common in Project Planning is the forecasting of ‘costs incurred’ to the project which can be distinct from the financial treatment of the project (revenue, expensed, capitalized, etc.).


Portfolio Planning for REIT's

In some industries, the Business Planning process Involves an aggregation of asset activity (buildings in the case of a Real Estate Investment entity) and then the planning of a series of asset management actions – development, refurbishment, dispositions.  The business planning also includes distinct cash flow actions.  The end result is a plan that integrates asset steady state activity, asset start / stop actions and treasury activity into a holistic operating plan.

Sales Performance Management (SPM)

SPM combines sales planning from a sales operations point-of-view with a feedback mechanism for actual performance to support the ability to rapidly course correct.  Sales plans are influenced by industry, segment of the market, and by maturity of the business. Questions need to be answered: What will territories look like? How many sales reps do we need? What will their quotas be? What are their ramping schedules? How do we expand the go-to-market function? How do we think about multi-product offerings, add-ons, churn, etc.

Essentially, what is the plan that supports our sales and customer acquisition motion related to getting customers to say ‘Yes’ as efficiently as possible.  SPM connects all sales planning workflows including territory and quota (T&Q), capacity planning, and incentive compensation management (ICM). Typically, these workflows become downstream inputs into other planning models including financial planning, revenue recognition, S&OP, headcount planning and cash flow planning.

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