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KeenVision’s Cash Analytics solution is configured to enhance existing models and reporting capabilities around your Cash Flow statement.

Updating Cash Flow models can be difficult due to the uncertainty and seasonality of revenue streams, the variability of expenses, market dynamics and incomplete data. You are forced to pull together multiple datasets, quickly and succinctly, but many times you are making quick decisions with limited visibility.

How Can Cash Analytics Help?

With KeenVision’s Cash Analytics solution, customers can centralize all their transaction level details into a unified platform to generate the right level of visibility. Modeling capabilities can then be enabled to provide actionable insights to focus revenue resources and optimize spend.

Financial Planning & Analytics

Cash Visibility using Cash Analytics

  • Generate a Direct and Indirect Cash Flow Statement
  • Anticipate Future Cash In and Out Positions with a13-week Cash Flow Model
  • Analyze Receivables, Payables, and Collections withDrillable Metrics
  • Provide Clear Direction and Actionable Insights toExecutive Teams

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