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The Close Management process continues to benefit from the introduction of great technology that increased the effectiveness and accuracy of the Actuals while dramatically reducing the time and effort it requires to close, reconcile and publish the results each month.

Accounting Consolidation

Accounting Consolidation platforms provide the fundamentals needed for close management by multi-entity firms of all sizes. Features include currency management, CTA translations, minority interest management, intercompany eliminations and automated adjusting entries. General Ledger data can be automatically integrated to support the quick visibility to uploaded Actuals.


KeenVision, with working backgrounds in running multi-national consolidation processes, works with clients to design and develop complex consolidations supporting processes including:

  • Capturing and Reporting on Adjusted EBITDA
  • Multiple Sets of Books consolidations processes including GAAP, Management, Tax and Others
  • Proforma data and Reporting processes
  • Cash Flow automations

Account Reconciliations

In the Account Reconciliation area, Trintech and FloQast offer two of the market leading platforms. These solutions support the automation of the Reconciliation process performed by every Accounting organization. Data for these solutions can be sourced either directly from General Ledgers or from the Consolidation application. 

Collaborative Reporting

The Workiva Reporting platform helps clients modernize the financial reporting process by unifying people, process and data to deliver accurate reports required by regulators, leadership and shareholders. Workiva reporting supports value and textual reporting in a highly collaborative manner. The platform can aggregate data from diverse financial and operational sources including the Consolidation applications.


Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your Close Management needs. At KeenVision, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

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