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The process of Closing the Books each month continues to benefit from the introduction of advanced FPM technology that increases effectiveness and improves the efficiency of accounting teams.  


Close Management Expertise

What if you had access to a team of Accounting leaders (former Controllers, Reporting Managers and Auditors) who are also experienced across market leading Close Management platforms including Planful, Workiva, Trintech and FloQast

What if that group could help you develop a strategy to improve the close process for your team?

That’s KeenVision.  We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to get the right strategy for you.

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Our Close Management team has also created several advancements with our technology partners. Take a look at our Enhanced Close Management offerings. 

Market Leading Technology

We like to work with really great technology.  These applications improve the accuracy of the reported actuals while dramatically reducing the time and effort it takes to close, reconcile and publish the results each month.

  • Excellent Consolidations platform for Enterprise and mid-market companies

  • Integrate with diverse General Ledgers

  • Diverse reporting capabilities: dashboards, statements, management reporting and distributable report collections

  • Market leader in Financial Reporting

  • Powerful and efficient collaborative reporting process management

  • Direct integration with Planful Consolidations 


  • Account Reconciliations

  • Close Task Management

  • Transaction Matching Processes

  • Workflow processes including Task Management, Flux analysis and Audit prep

  • Account Reconciliations

  • KeenVision offers Direct integration with Planful Consolidations 

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your Close Management needs. At KeenVision, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

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