Really great products combined with efficient distribution in a constantly shifting environment.  Consumer product companies must be nimble in Planning and insightful in Performance analysis.

Consumer Products

A recent study on the positive effects of effective utilization of business intelligence indicated that mid-market companies are uniquely positioned to exploit analytics. We whole-heartedly agree.


We have seen first-hand the positive impacts of effective analytics, business planning and operational performance visibility in consumer product companies over and over again. Benefit areas vary by business – sales growth, margin performance, channel profitability or inventory management.

KeenVision will work with your team to make effective use of business intelligence technology. Plan, assess, adjust, re-plan and keep moving forward.

Advanced Planning for Consumer Product Companies


Sales and Margin Analysis

  • Forecast by Major Customer
  • Forecast by Product Lines
  • Projected Margin Analysis

Financial Planning

  • Driver-based Forecast Models
  • Scenario Planning
  • WorkForce Compensation

Close Management

  • Accounting Consolidation
  • Intercompany Eliminations
  • Reconciliations

Channel Analytics

  • Contribution by Channel
  • Marketing ROI
  • Product Profitability

Performance Reporting

  • Financial Analytics
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Operating KPI’s

Direct Cash Flow

  • Customer Collections
  • Payment Streams
  • Monthly, Seasonally

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Location Based Business Models

  • A supplier of commercial and residential building materials needed consistent financial visibility for executives as well as the operating location managers. The business also desired an Advanced Planning process that supported effective forecasting across 200+ locations.
  • KeenVision worked with the Finance team to implement Planning and Performance Analytics processes. The Planning process utilized a waterfall approach to planning drivers to instill consistency across regions while also allowing for location unique factors.
  • The client now disperses complete financial and metric-based reporting to executives, region leaders and location managers in an automated manner every week.