Customer & Product Profitability

-- Advanced Planning

View Profitability by Critical Segment in Your Business


CPP is an Add-On Solution for Planful

  • Reservoir of Volumes, Revenue & Margin

  • Cost Designation Engine Intelligently Assigns Costs Across Multiple Dimensions

  • Usable for Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Service Firms, etc. 

As we provide insights and leadership in managing our businesses to profitability, visibility to our Customer and Product Profitability becomes a fundamental need. While the sales Volumes, Revenue and Margin may be visible at this level, in many businesses this only tells part of the story of profit contribution.

To see the full picture, often we need to combine the visibility of our Revenue and Margin with an accurate designation of operating costs along Customer and Product Lines. This designation should be something more intelligent and business connected than a mere % of Revenue spread of all cost.

What Can You Do With CPP?

  • View Product opportunities with Customers
  •  Assess Pricing across Customers & Products
  • Assess financial impact of R&D investments for new or re-designed products
  • Identify low Margin Products/Services
  • Compare performance across key business segments
  • Visibility to Contribution Profit inclusive of Freight, Distribution and Customer Chargebacks

Intelligent Analysis

  • Drill from Channel to Customer to Product/Service
  • Volumes, Gross Revenue and Margins from Detail
  • Visibility of Gross-to-Net actions across time
  • Distribution cost designated with operating factors
  • Marketing expenditures aligned with campaigns and initiatives
  • Align R&D investment to Sales

The Full Picture

Our experienced FP&A professionals developed the Customer & Product Profitability solution to move beyond Revenue & Margin detail, and help our customers automate the attribution of operating costs down to the Customer and Product Level, to enable the full picture of profit contribution.

Customer & Product Level Analytics:

  • Pricing Analysis
  • Product Mix
  • Contribution Margin Analysis
CPP Heat Map ViewCPP Channel Performance View

Once you're up and running with Customer & Product Profitability, you'll be ready to answer those challenging questions from executives, investors and functional leaders that were difficult to answer in the past

Get Answers

  • Where should we invest?
  • Where are we over  invested?
  • Where should we cut?
  • When will we be profitable for a particular product line or business?

Contact us for a demo so we can show you how Customer & Product Profitability can work for your business.

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