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KeenVision provides resources that are experienced in both Accounting Close processes as well as the advanced use of Close Management applications. 

We understand that effectively managing the close to report cycle involves multiple complimentary processes, that’s why we’ve partnered with the leading vendors in the industry such as Planful, FloQastTrintech, and Workiva. 

We also understand that close management is much more than just consolidations. It's why our solutions cover the complete lifecycle of the financial close from the consolidations process through external reporting and include:

Advanced Cash Flow Reporting

No more complex spreadsheets to manually generate a Cash Flow Statement from the GL and online adjustments.  This solution, one of our most requested add-ons to Planful, allows customers to automatically generate a self-balancing, GAAP compliant cash flow report in both local and reporting currency.

See more on Advanced Cash Flow Reporting here.


Adjusted EBITDA Reporting

A very common request from our clients.  There are multiple approaches to support the data capture and reporting processes related to Adjusted EBITDA.  It's time to shift this process from spreadsheets to Planful.


Intercompany Declarations & Matching

This solution enables Accounting teams to create a transaction reservoir for their intercompany and eliminations activity.  Quickly identify the responsible trading partners and resolve out-of-balance variances.

See more on Intercompany Declarations and Matching here.

Consolidations Integration with FloQast

This data management process supports the direct integration of Consolidated level trial balances from Planful with the Account Reconciliation processes in FloQast.  Use FloQast across all entities and ledgers in your Close process.


Consolidated Submission

Using Planful for your Consolidations process but also need to submit results to an external owner or corporate parent?  KeenVision can work with you to generate an external submission process complete with translations if needed.


There Will Be More…

Look for more as we continue to Enhance Close Management by elegantly leveraging the capabilities of our technology partners.


Technology Partners

Learn more and schedule a demo of one of our Enhanced Close Management Solutions. Our experts can show you how to get the most out of your FPM platform.

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