Intercompany Matching & Declarations

Enhanced Close Management: Intercompany Matching & Declarations

This week Joel and Al went LIVE on LinkedIn for our second Enhanced Close Management Quick View webinar. The focus was on KeenVision’s Intercompany Matching & Declarations solution for Consolidations in Planful, which helps eliminate the painful (manual) part of using Excel in the process.

KeenVision’s Intercompany Matching & Declarations solution is an add-on built for Planful’s Consolidation module that enhances the existing inercompany features. For organizations with large volumes of intercompany transactions, balance level visibility is typically not sufficient as users need to “Swivel Chair” between their Planful application, Excel, and their ERP to view both balance and transaction level detail required for reconciliations. 

If this sounds a lot like your current process, your organization may be a good candidate for this solution to reconcile intercompany transactions in record time, and take days off your month-end close process. 

Catch the recording of the webinar below and reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about Intercompany Matching and Declarations.

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Intercompany Matching and Declarations by KeenVision