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Transforming a Finance organization starts with a clear vision of what’s possible and a definition of what you want the organization to be like when you are done. KeenVision’s rare blend of financial management experience and advanced solutions expertise uniquely positions us to support your team in the process. Let’s define a new vision together this year.

Technology Assessment & Strategy

Developing a technology roadmap is a critical organizational step for all Finance teams.  KeenVision believes that Financial Systems strategy should be defined up front and then implemented in a phased sequence.


The leaders at KeenVision have evaluated Financial Systems technology supporting Planning, Reporting, Analytics and Accounting Consolidation as user buyers, as implementers and as influencers.

Having a clear vision for how to utilize various technologies is a critical component of the transformation of the Finance organization.


Organizational Transformation

The leaders at KeenVision have held financial leadership roles with companies….Controllers, CFO’s, Directors of Financial Reporting and Directors of Finance.  We know the requirements and pressures that come with these leadership roles.  Pressures to lead, perform and to rapidly adapt to new business requirements.

No matter how talented the financial executive and team, a trusted outside adviser can be tremendously valuable - bringing a fresh set of eyes, a different viewpoint, knowledge of best practices, or new ways to approach a tough problem.  The leaders at KeenVision are available to support and work with you.

New technology is a tremendous enabler to the capabilities of the Finance team.  It can also provide much needed relief from long and very manual processes.  These can rob a talented Finance team of time to get to value-added analysis and decision support contributions to the business.  Part of implementing a new technology should be an assessment of targeted improvements in the overall process.  Improvements that should improve business analysis as well as time availability within the Finance organization.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your Finance Transformation needs. At KeenVision, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

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