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Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) teams have always carried a dual role: oversee the planning process and provide analytic decision support to business partners. KeenVision offers technologies that can do both.

Financial Planning

The technology advancements in Financial Planning allow this process to be very efficientModern platforms emphasize ease of use and ease of administration while also allowing the planning process to react to changes in the business. 

KeenVision works with Planful and Pigment platforms to meet client needs in Financial Planning.  These technologies include native financial intelligence features which buys time to build strong FP&A teams and to partner more with business operations.

​The implementation leaders at KeenVision are experienced FP&A practitioners.  The combination of financial and technology experience allows our team to communicate and collaborate with client teams effectively.

Financial Analytics

Custom-fit analytic offerings that KeenVision calls Solutions.  Each of these can be used in either a reporting and/or a business modeling manner.  Use cases include strategic planning, what-if analysis, target setting and can complement an existing forecasting process. You can find more information about our Solutions here

Profitability Analytics​

An advanced modeling capability that allows businesses to flex their profitability across relevant operational dimensions – customer, channel, market, region, product, projects, service types, etc.

People Planning & Analytics

One of the largest and most dynamic cost elements in a business.  This add-on Solution allows FP&A teams to plan and analyze people spend at a level of granularity that fits your business.  People Planning & Analytics integrates what-if capability to allow rapid assessment of hiring plans, expand or contract actions and change compensation plans.

Vendor Spending 

This Solution allows FP&A teams to work with business partners at a vendor or supplier level (i.e. by project or purchase order (PO) level).  Usable in Planning as well as management reporting processes.

Cash Analytics 

This Solution typically gets very tailored for each business.  Cash Analytics provides incredible insights to the movement of cash within the organization.  It merges a Cash Flow display with deep analytics on key areas including open accounts receivable (A/R) as well as the flow of customer sales and collection activity – both from an actual and forecast basis.

Technology Partners

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your Financial Planning needs. At KeenVision, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

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