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These days, Financial Planning is a continuous activity for companies as we regularly reassess market demand. KeenVision works with client companies to make effective use of new market leading Financial Planning technologies and methods.

Financial Intelligence

FP&A technology provides a one-source platform for Financial Planning and Analysis requirements. These Finance owned platforms provide solution interfaces that are easy to update, administrate and change as the overall business changes. They natively include critical Financial Intelligence features which buy time for strong FP&A teams to partner with business operations.


FP&A functions include:

  • Revenue Planning
  • Employee Compensation Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Cash Flow Projections

Each area can be tailored to the needs of your business model. All planning templates can utilize rules and driver based planning techniques.


Friendly Business User Experience

KeenVision’s team works with your FP&A team to design an easy to use process for your non-financial business users. The interfaces of our preferred FP&A applications support an array of forms to establish a comfortable and efficient planning input process for business partners. 

Planning Input Options:

  • Excel Uploads
  • Excel Direct Interface
  • Web Forms

Planning users can readily see where they are versus plan helping them to self-adjust future forecasts. You choose the option that fits your business users the best. 

Rapid Deployment

The implementation team leaders at KeenVision are all finance / accounting practitioners. They also know FP&A planning technology really well. This combination of financial experience and technology expertise allows us to communicate and collaborate with client teams very effectively.

The result is the ability to design and deploy your Financial Planning application very quickly and with an eye towards limiting future maintenance requirements for your FP&A team.


Effective Planning Workflow

FP&A teams love the process efficiency improvements they gain with the Financial Planning platforms.

  • Planning scenarios allow the input and FP&A retention of prior plans…no more getting lost in Excel iterations. Scenarios can be quickly copied and updated for iteration or what-if assessments.
  • Integrated Planning and Actuals data in a single platform allows for efficient creation of forecasts. No more slow downloads of Actuals and copy/paste into Excel files.
  • Immediate visibility to Planning input. Data saved in planning input forms are instantly visible to users and FP&A.
  • Immediate visibility to Planning input. Data saved in planning input forms are instantly visible to users and FP&A.
  • The business can gain Actuals versus Forecast visibility throughout the month – not just after the books are closed. Faster visibility to business performance improves business decision making.
  • Performance review and presentation options can be displayed in a manner that fits your business the best – online reports, dashboards, PDF files, Google Sheets or in Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your Financial Planning needs. At KeenVision, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

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