Financial Planning & Analytics

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Add-On Solutions for Financial Planning & Analytics

People Planning & Analytics

The People Planning & Analytics solution provides visibility into actual, plan and forecast data at the employee level, empowering customers to perform analysis at granular levels of detail. Powered by Planful’s Dynamic Planning, (PPA) compliments the built-in functionality of Workforce Planning, allowing organizations to assess its people and compensation strategies.


Profitability Analytics

Our Profitability Analytics solution enables you to analyze profitability at the level of detail required to answer the tough questions posed by Executives, Investors and Functional leaders. Questions such as: Where should we invest? Where are we over invested? Where should we cut? When will a particular product line or business segment be profitable Built upon Planful’s Dynamic Planning, Profitability Analytics is a purpose-built solution which can be fine-tuned for your specific business requirements.

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