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KeenVision Solutions are enhancements to your Financial Performance Management (FPM) platform to address extended, and more complex use cases.

The Solutions concept was born out of our experience designing & implementing close management and financial planning applications over the past 14 years. After completing the initial phase of implementations, clients returned to us seeking to address additional needs: typically, these were extended and more sophisticated use cases. These collective experiences prompted us to introduce our suite of Enhanced Close Management and Financial Planning Analytics solutions.

Enhanced Close Management

Close Management extends beyond financial consolidations to include:

  • Advanced Cash Flow Reporting
  • Intercompany Declarations & Matching 
  • Account Reconciliation 
  • EBITDA Reporting
  • GAAP/Management/Tax Books 
  • Collaborative Reporting 

For more detailed information about Enhanced Close Management, click here


Leverage existing financial data and load operational data from any source system. Solutions currently available in Financial Planning Analytics: 

  • Profitability Analytics 
  • Cash Analytics 
  • People Planning Analytics 
  • Vendor Spend Analytics 

For more detailed information about Financial Planning Analytics, click here


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