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KeenVision’s Profitability Analytics solution helps clients identify the drivers of profit contribution so that they can recognize opportunities or take corrective action. 

Built on top of your existing Financial Performance Management (FPM) platform, these solutions are operational models which calculate Contribution Margin and Profitability for dimensions typically not included in the General Ledger. 

With Profitability Analytics, our clients have been able to: ​
  • Identify risks across customers, products, projects and other extended dimensions

  • Recognize growth & customer expansion opportunities 

  • Analysis of customer and product mixes 

  • Assess impacts of internal investments in the business 

Profitability Analytics


Want to see it in action? Check out our recent Quick View webinar and demo showcasing Profitability Analytics. 

One way to use Profitability Analytics is Customer & Product Profitability, which allows you to:

  • View Product opportunities with Customers
  • Assess Pricing across Customers & Products
  • Assess financial impact of R&D investments for new or re-designed products
  • Identify low Margin Products/Services

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Download our Solution Briefs:   Profitability AnalyticsCustomer & Product Profitability 

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