Professional Service firms have unique planning and reporting requirements that typically include a dimensionality around clients and projects. KeenVision works with clients to provide project based Advanced Planning capabilities.

Professional Services

Planning for Professional Service firms has particular challenges in the forecasting of revenue as project revenue attainment can be based on a variety of factors. KeenVision has worked with clients to tailor Revenue forecasting around their project revenue recognition rules - percent based, milestone based, time and materials based and others.


Resource Planning can be another complex planning area for firms providing service based contracts. Resource planning in Advanced Planning applications can involve the assignment of resource cost to projects as well as views to understand the utilization of team resources.

KeenVision has also worked with Product Development organizations to design and develop Planning applications across R&D projects including rules based Development Capitalization and Amortizations.

Project-centric Planning for Professional Service Firms


Sales & Revenue Planning

  • Contract / Project Tracking
  • Project Revenue Forecast
  • CRM Integration, Iterations

Financial Planning

  • Driver-based Forecast Models
  • Scenario Planning
  • Asset Management

Project Planning & Resources

  • Resource Assignment
  • Resource Utilization
  • Project Financials

Acquisition Integration

  • Integration Modeling
  • Financial Reporting Aggregation
  • Financial System Strategy

Performance Reporting

  • Financial Analytics
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Project KPI’s

Direct Cash Flow

  • Customer Collections
  • Payment Streams
  • Weekly or Monthly

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Revenue Forecasting across Projects

  • A multinational software and services firm needed an improved methodology for planning and tracking revenue performance on customer contracts including software, services and maintenance components. KeenVision worked with the client team to design and develop an Advanced Planning methodology to improve revenue predictability globally.
  • The new Advanced Planning process utilized data from General Ledger, CRM and other data sources. With the Revenue visibility improved, the next phase is to flow the customer billing projections (milestone based) into a Cash Collection forecast - providing the Finance team with a fact based projection of cash receipts.