The uniqueness of the Real Estate management industry requires a specialized Advanced Planning solution along with specific Business Analytics.

Real Estate Management

KeenVision has worked with REIT clients to design and develop an Advanced Planning solution that is tailored specifically to the needs of the industry. Companies in the Real Estate management industry have a unique business planning approach that includes operating activity (Revenue and NOI by Property) with an active Asset Management activity (acquisitions, divestitures) all integrated with Treasury impacts (Debt, Equity).


Business Analytics often involves Lease Analysis as well as Same Store Analysis approaches. The application requirements for these analytic techniques typically require tools beyond the capabilities of Business Intelligence dashboarding. It is very common for rules based assessments and aggregation techniques (commonly used in CPM tools) to be required.

Advanced Planning specifically for Real Estate Management


Cash Flow Planning

  • Property NOI
  • Treasury Activities
  • Planned Distributions

Financial Planning

  • Property Financials Integration
  • Scenario Planning
  • Plan Sensitivities

Close Management

  • Collaborative Status Board
  • Reconciliation Visibility
  • Accounting Consolidation

Asset Management

  • Asset Acquisitions
  • Construction Development
  • Asset Dispositions

Performance Reporting

  • Lease Analysis
  • Same Store Analysis
  • Analytics at Portfolio and Fund Levels

Integrated Treasury Planning

  • Debt / Equity Raises
  • Re-Financing Modeling
  • Capitalizations

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Corporate Planning

  • Significant growth of this client drove the need to shift Financial Planning and Analysis tools to a multi-user platform – disparate Excel models stored across multiple notebooks was no longer an effective approach.
  • KeenVision worked with the client to utilize Advanced Planning capabilities to establish an integrated planning platform that multiple business users could utilize. The platform leverages property level data sourced form YARDI Planning with corporate level forecast data for a full company P&L view.
  • The forecast and performance data can be aggregated based on funds, portfolios or operating ownership.