-- Advanced Planning

Our team of experienced Accounting and Finance leaders with real expertise in the utilization of Financial Performance Management technologies... working with your team. Shoulder-to-shoulder. 

It’s time to invest in new capabilities in your Finance and Accounting organization.  The way you have been working is not meeting the needs of the business.

As a leader, your responsibility extends to both your business and financial functions.  You may have heard about new Financial Performance Management technologies and their benefits; and perhaps you've used them.

Wouldn’t it be valuable to have a partner who can provide holistic guidance in defining a roadmap, selecting the right tools, designing applications, deploying them in phases, and training your team? 

With KeenVision, you have a supportive partner working alongside your team.

KV Services

KeenVision delivers high-quality service to the Office of the CFO in mid-market and enterprise clients.

FPM Strategy
  • Defining a functional roadmap
  • Technology advice + selection
  • Planful application focused
  • Workflow review, optimization plan
  • Highlight of potential best practices
  • Potential to use complementary technology
FPM Implementation
  • Design and deploy
  • Close Management, Planning, Reporting
  • FloQast, Workiva, Planful, Pigment, Trintech
Data Services
  • Data sourcing
  • Application integrations from sources
  • Integrations between applications
Managed Services
  • Application administration
  • Data integration management
  • Functional Finance & Accounting support
Training Services
  • New application onboarding
  • Learning Plan development for client team
Business Planning

Client Testimonials

"Keen Vision played a pivotal role in our decision to choose Planful as our solution, and we deeply appreciate having Keen as our partner throughout the Planful implementation process." 

-- Omeros

"We recently engaged KeenVision to be our expert-in-residence to handle the day-to-day maintenance of our Planful system. They've done a great job. Their Managed Service Offering has allowed us to focus on the day-to-day business activities, while leveraging their expertise to fully support all our needs within the system."

-- Mattson Technology

"..we found wonderful partners in KeenVision."

-- Zappos

    Get in touch with us to see which Services will benefit you. At KeenVision, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

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