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KeenVision Expands Enhanced Close Management Solutions

KeenVision Admin

KeenVision continues to add capabilities to our Enhanced Close Management solutions utilizing market-leading technology platforms including Planful, Trintech, FloQast, and Workvia.

Keen’s team of Close Management professionals has led client deployments of a powerful set of solutions previously only available on much more expensive platforms.


  • Multiple Sets of Books

An extension of the Planful Consolidation module that enables Finance teams to efficiently integrate the generation of GAAP, Management, Tax, and other sets of reporting books from a common platform.


  • Extended Dimensions

Support for the site and subsidiary-level submission and validation of disparate GL files using local Charts of Accounts.


  • Advanced Cash Flow Reporting

Cash Flow Reporting that includes automatic generation at an entity level, self-balancing features, traceable line-item adjustments, currency conversion, and a Cash Flow Worksheet report view.


  • Account Reconciliations

Integration of tracked Close Workflow and Account Reconciliation with the rest of the Close process leveraging the Trintech and FloQast platforms.


The leaders at KeenVision combine firsthand experience running global Consolidation teams with years of technology implementation experience across several platforms to design new Enhanced Close Management solutions.

Come see our team present at Planful’s Perform conference, or if you can’t see us there, reach out and let’s explore the possibilities together.


Mark Davidson

Managing Partner