Whether SaaS companies or Tech Product firms, this industry segment typically has Planning complexity in Sales Bookings, Revenue Recognition and Compensation expense planning. In 2020, KeenVision delivered Direct Cash Flow forecasting at the request of several clients.

Technology Companies

KeenVision works with several software and SaaS companies which typically have complex Sales activity and Revenue planning models influenced by ASC606 requirements. Expense planning is heavily driven around dynamic approaches to forecasting compensation cost as personnel resources shift.


KeenVision works with technology industry clients to design and develop efficient and effective planning capabilities that work at their desired level of detail.

Advanced Planning uses with Technology Companies


Direct Cash Flow

  • Customer Collections
  • Payment Streams
  • Weekly or Monthly

Financial Planning

  • Driver-based Forecast Models
  • Scenario Planning
  • WorkForce Compensation

Sales & Revenue Planning

  • Sales Rep Ramp-up
  • Leads to Signed Orders
  • Revenue Recognition

Close Management

  • Consolidations
  • Intercompany Eliminations
  • GAAP vs Cash Visibility

Performance Reporting

  • Financial Analytics
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Sales & Revenue Metrics

Acquisition Integration

  • Integration Modeling
  • Rapid Visibility
  • ProForma, Add-Backs

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Sales, Revenue and Direct Cash Planning

  • A name-brand SaaS firm submitted an RFP aimed at getting all Planning activities into a single application for all Finance team members to use and connect with - pretty standard requirements but made more complex given the breadth of their Sales, Revenue and Client Cash Collections across multiple countries, licensed products and related services.
  • The CPM partner reached out to KeenVision for assistance given our expertise in Advanced Planning with clients, especially in the Technology segment.
  • KeenVision worked with the client to identify all relevant data sources required (General Ledger, Sub-ledgers, CRM, etc.) to integrate in their Planning solution. The solution would need to handle multiple Order types (new, renewals, add-ons) to identify Bookings as well as streaming to Recognized Revenue by Product Type with the correct recognition drivers.
  • The Bookings process was also fed through a Billings and Cash Collection set of models to derive the Customer Collection portion of the Direct Cash Flow forecasting process. Finance could now trace all expected Customer Collections back to specific operational activities. Powerful.