Training Services

-- Advanced Planning

KeenVision offers a robust training program for new implementations, current clients wanting a deep dive, or clients onboarding new team members, specifically, Power Admins.


Planful Training Services

Our learning path program takes advantage of foundational knowledge, best practices, and individualized training based on your company’s unique needs. We do the training with your data, so it is meaningful and easier to learn.

Whether you just hired a brand new Power Admin and they need training on every piece of the application, or you need a quick refresher on one particular module of the application for your budget team, we are here to help.

Planful Training Service Area Topics

Power Administration

Hierarchy, User Management, Data Load Rules, Currency, Scenarios.

Core Reporting

Dynamic Reports, Dashboards, Report Sets, Report Administration.

SpotlightXL Reporting

SpotlightXL Views, SpotlightXL Reports, Excel Based Reports.

Structured Planning

Workforce Planning, Template Maintenance, Planning Process.


Journals, Reclassifications, Eliminations, Consolidations Process.

Dynamic Planning

Uniquely created based on your application’s Models.

Benefits of Keen Vision’s Training Services

  • Customized trainings based on your needs.
  • Training in YOUR tenant with YOUR data.
  • Performed in a training copy of your tenant in order to minimize disruption to live environment.
  • Personalized exercises to practice hands-on.
  • Access to certified solution professionals.
  • Faster insight into the latest technology innovation and capabilities.
  • Quick feedback and support to issues or questions.
  • Access to resources post trainings for reference.

Review our Training Services options and contact us to
see how we can help you plan for the year ahead.



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