Why Partners Matter: Zappos + KeenVision

At this year’s Planful Perform, Jeremy Mann, Director of Finance & Technology at Zappos, presented their case for why they chose Planful for their Financial Performance Management. Mann detailed the pros and cons of the three platforms they had narrowed their selection to, and stated that they ultimately chose Planful for its easy integration with other systems, and its robust Dynamic Planning capabilities.

That’s one of the reasons we like Planful, too – and we are proud to be the Planful Solution Implementer of the Year for the past two years (2021 & 2022). We know Planful, and we know what is possible when you harness all of its capabilities. With our knowledge and expertise, we help companies get the most out of Planful.

Jeremy Mann and the Zappos team recognize the importance of selecting the right partner for implementation:

One of the biggest things… is the implementation partners that you have for it. That’s probably the most important part that I can heavily stress throughout this process, not just from ongoing implementation, or just from getting all set up – but ongoing; anytime you want to continue down that path for it. You have the experts that know exactly what they did to be able to implement that – and we found wonderful partners in KeenVision they’ve been great wonderful partners.

– Jeremy Mann, Director of Finance & Technology, Zappos

Jeremy Mann from Zappos, Mark Davidson from KeenVision

We have enjoyed working with the Zappos team on their Planful implementation and we continue to work with them to address new and expanded use cases.

See below for a 2 minute snippet of Jeremy’s presentation from Planful Perform. For the full 35 minute version click here.

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